Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a CNHC recognised professional association?

NO. The Hypnotherapy register is a directory of hypnotherapists who are registered with professional associations that are recognised by the CNHC, the UK regulator for complementary healthcare practitioners.

Although we verify that practitioners are listed as members of their respective organisation before adding them, the directory is not intended to be a substitute for the respective professional associations, which should be considered authoritative.

Are you affiliated with CNHC or its recognised professional associations?

The owners of the Hypnotherapy Register are practising hypnotherapists registered with the National Council for Hypnotherapy, which is a CNHC recognised professional association.

However, whilst the directory aims to promote the raising of standards and the role of CNHC as the independent regulator of the profession, the directory itself is independent and is neither officially endorsed nor funded by CNHC or the other professional associations.

My practice borders two counties, can I be in both?

If you have multiple practice addresses, you can multiple addresses and up to three counties to your listing. However, please only select the county your practice is actually located in or your entry will be removed without notice.

Why aren’t the county towns (Bristol, Haverfordwest etc.) listed? Why are you using the historic counties?

In creating the directory, we have tried to strike a fine balance between two few categories and too many. We chose the historic counties as they provide an optimum number of categories without the areas being too large or small to be useful.

They are also not subject to change, as the administrative boundaries have been over the years. In fact, the historic counties have been in existence for some 900 years, and their use in our directory is an acknowledgement to their ongoing cultural significance. For more information, please visit the Association of British Counties

If you are unsure which historic county your entry should appear in, please see this map.

Why are the counties for Ireland, Scotland and Wales not listed?

Due to the population distribution and numbers of registered hypnotherapists in these areas, we have not added categories for the counties in Ireland, Scotland and Wales initially. However, as the directory grows, we may subdivide these categories later if necessary.

Can I get listed if I am not a member of one of the approved organisations?

No. The Hypnotherapy Register is focused on Hypnotherapists, so whilst there are a number of quality independent registering bodies in other fields, such as the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP), these are not included as they do not primarily represent the Hypnotherapy profession.

The professional associations recognised by the CNHC are committed to the raising and harmonisation of standards across the whole profession, and the creation of nationally recognised qualifications. Other hypnotherapy registering bodies are not included as they remain outside CNHC. This can sometimes be due to potential conflicts of interest, such as ties to a particular training school, or perhaps because they do not support the CNHC aims.

Can I be the top entry in my county category?

Yes. Newly added practitioners are listed in the top spot automatically. Practitioners already listed can get their listing ‘bumped’ to the top spot again when they support the Hypnotherapy Register.

How do I update my listing?

Simply visit your listing on our site and then click the ‘Update your listing here’ link in the sidebar, just underneath the practitioner verification logo. Please note that you will need the password you set when you submitted your listing. If you don’t remember it, please contact us using the email address on the listing and tell us the listing you wish to edit. We will then send your password to your listing email.

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