AM First Steps Hypnotherapy (Canterbury)

Anne Monteath
DHP clibical hypnotherapy with psychotherapy

Tel: 07949 435441
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AM First Steps Hypnotherapy, The Wellbeing Centre, Lombard Business Centre, 12/17 Upper Bridge Street, Canterbury CT1 2NF

Professional Memberships:
The National Council of Psychotherapists (NCP)
CNHC Registration: 000081-G16
Last Verified: December 2016

  • Quit Smoking.
  • Weight Control/ Loss.
  • Improving Motivation, Focus And Performance.
  • Help With Pain Management.
  • Stress Management & Anxiety
  • Dealing With Fears & Phobias

Additional Info
Hypnosis reprograms your subconscious and opens up channels in order to overcome negative habits turning them into positives, and by using hypnosis and applying my experience as a Clinical Hypnotherapist I can help with numerous situations from simple relaxation to alleviate stress, through to more complex situations. Hypnotherapy can be applied to the previous list of specialities but of course they are only a small sample and there are many more that I have not mentioned.

My aim is to help clients resolve their current problems and change long-standing behavioural patterns on their own, enabling them to find solutions so they can make the necessary positive life changes so achieving their goals. You will find that I am a friendly, professional, client-focused therapist whose approach is to provide healing through hypnosis and the power of suggestion.

So, why not give me a call to book that initial FREE consultation to see how I can help you take back control, to build up your self-worth and live life to the full.

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