Life Cycle Therapies (Manchester)

Trace Robins
Dip Hyp, Dip RTh, Ct LBL

Tel: 07784399408
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Salford, Manchester

Professional Memberships:
The General Hypnotherapy Register (GHR)
Last Verified: November 2012

  • Past Life Regression Therapy
  • Life Between Lives Spiritual Regression
  • Past Life Regression
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Spirit Release
  • Hypnotherapy Training

Additional Info
Hello and welcome to Life Cycle Therapies. My name is Trace and I am a complementary therapist based in Manchester. I offer a range of therapies with both natural and spiritual benefits from Past Life Regression, Life Between Lives Spiritual Regression, Hypnotherapy & Spirit Release.

Past Life Regression
Past Life Regression allows us to see beyond the confusion and illusions of this life and brings about a healing of the past life that resonates into our present life. A Past Life Experience is the physical act of taking a client back to revisit their past lives through the use of hypnotherapy. In a Past Life Experience, the spirit realms are experienced in the “eternal now”. This is an altered state of awareness where the client finds it easy to communicate intuitively with the souls of other past life characters and their spirit guide. Past Life Regression is the key to unlocking our oldest memories. Through Past Life Regression you can discover the answers along with so much more.

Regression Therapy
Regression Therapy involves going back to earlier lifetimes normally via hypnosis to retrieve memories, patterns and events that may still negatively influence our lives today. Regression Therapy explores the psychological, physical and spiritual unresolved residues from our present and past lives. It is a comprehensive method for transforming them in a way that is both safe and structured. Regression works with the content of past experiences and extends the time line to allow past life stories to emerge. A client is guided back and encouraged to relive and resolve the conflicts from the past that have previously been inaccessible to the consciousness. Often they are past lives that are still influencing and distorting a client’s mental and emotional stability. Regression Therapy covers past lives and includes current life memories some of which may be below the level of our conscious awareness. It enables the conflicts from the past that have been distorting our mental, emotional and physical well-being to be resolved.

(GHR) General Hypnotherapy Register,
(GHSC) General Hypnotherapy Standards Council,
(CRSST) Central Register of Stop Smoking Therapists,
(EARTh) European Association of Regression Therapists,
(SRTA) Spiritual Regression Therapy Association

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