3 Pemberton Place, London (London)

Gabriella Csaszar
Diploma in Cognitive Hypnotherapy, HPD, NLP Practitioner, Project U and Project U2 Coach

Tel: 7449039952
Web: www.yourbetterselfhypnotherapy.co.uk
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7A Cresset Road Hackney

Professional Memberships:
National Council for Hypnotherapy (NCH)
CNHC Registration: 000027-D16
Last Verified: June 2016

  • Relationship Issues
  • Life And Career Coaching
  • Weight Issues
  • Limiting Health Conditions
  • Anxiety
  • Fears And Phobias

Additional Info
I m a Cognitive Hypnotherapist and Relationship Coach based in Hackney, East London. I love to help my clients letting go of their own limitations and negative beliefs about themself and by doing that help them become the best possible version of themselves.

Just imagine what would be possible for you? Maybe getting the dream job what you always wanted and having the career that is fulfilling your wildest expectations? Maybe having the confidence to be yourself and talk to people without that nagging feeling that you are not as good as other people? Or maybe just getting rid of a limiting health condition what has taken over your life and get back to normality without pain or suffering? Whatever it is that putting your life on hold can be helped with Cognitive Hypnotherapy.
I offer you a completely personalised and bespoke therapy which will be tailored to your needs and work with your unique ways of thinking and the model of how you are experiencing the world around you. To achieve lasting changes you will need 3-6 sessions depending on the problem you are dealing with. I will support you through your journey every step on the way towards your better self to achieve what you could not imagine to be possible before!

My absolute goal to make people’s life better using deferent techniques and tools which I know will work for them. My clients find the ongoing support and guidance I offer throughout my sessions extremely helpful when I work with my coaching modules. I m a trained Life and Relationship Coach. I can help my clients with their career, personal life , finding ways to achieve happyness and fulfilment in their life. Weather you have a specific goal what you want to achieve or don’t even know how to even start fixing things in your life, I could be helping you towards a more happy and more compelling life.

Being happy with your life could take you to a much higher level of being happy with somebody else in a relationship. Now relationshipshe are not easy to conquer. If you remember back to your old relationships, when we’re you really extaticly happy? It usually falls within the first couple of months of the relationships. So you can ask yourself now, is that all? Is real happyness last only a few weeks or months and than we loose it all? No, it does not have to be like that. To have a happy and fulfilling relationship takes effort, dedication and real communication. Now these are not easy to maintain with our busy life’s. We need to care for and support and love our parthners how we used to do at the beginning. We have to keep the relationship plant alive by watering it with care, attention and love. It is not something what you will learn in school or copy from your parents because everybody wants to be loved on a different way. Some people feel loved by spending quality time with their partner or go out for dinners, do romantic things or maybe they feel loved by getting presents. While others much more value respect, good timing for discussion or just a simple cup of coffee in bed in the morning. It’s a huge area to cover just in few lines but as a Cognitive Hypnotherapist I know I can help you get the love you want in your life, by sorting out your own believe system first and share with you some concepts which will change your world around relationship , your partner and yourself. I would love to work with you to figure out what could we do to get you the relationship what you deserve with all its glory possible. Don’t forget a relationship needs to nurture, support and uplift you by bringing out the best possible version of who you can be in it!

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