Slim For Life (Newport And Shrewsbury)

Tracy Swift
MNCH (lic) Dip CAH HPD ATFT Psy-TaP Prac

Tel: 07764997298
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Boughey House Board Room 60 High Street Newport TF10 7AB

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National Council for Hypnotherapy (NCH)
Last Verified: November 2015

  • Weight Loss

Additional Info
D.I.E.T. – Done It Enough Times?

Have you tried all the slimming clubs, every diet that has been recommended to you, even ones which promise so much from tv? Have you found that sometimes they have worked, but you have found that all the weight just piles back on and sometimes more on each attempt?

What diets and slimming clubs provide is an answer for the right nutrition and quantities, but why are they not working? What we understand today, is that we tend to eat to how we feel. Have you ever had a stressful week and rewarded yourself with junk foods such as cakes, chocolate, crisps, fast food and alcohol? Or perhaps you\\\’ve been upset and have turned to eating foods which you are not even hungry for? Or maybe you feel bored in the evening and as you are sitting there watching tv, you\\\’re picturing whats in your cupboards and start to tuck into these foods when you\\\’re body doesn\\\’t even require them? Or perhaps you\\\’re reaching for a slice of bread overtime that you walk into the kitchen and don\\\’t realise that you\\\’re doing this? We think that something nice to eat, or as a treat, a cake, chocolate, packet of crisps, a glass/bottle of wine will make us feel better, when in fact they are full of sugar and fat which ends up being carried around as excess weight.

Slim For Life program is a highly motivational slimming program. We firstly adjust emotional triggers. These may be boredom, overeating habits, stress, anxiety, low confidence and self esteem, bereavement etc. From here on emotional eating will be a thing of the past as these triggers are replaced with your own personal toolset. There will be NO excuses, we commence war on fat! You will be motivated and guided to burn off that fat with NO DIETS!! You will be reminded to remain excuse free and stay on track. You will be designing your own meal plan and adjust your portion sizes. Self hypnosis will allow self guidance and motivation which is easily achieved.

All that\\\’s required is the will to change – I\\\’m here to help you to help yourself. Are you ready to let go of the weight?

So lets get you the right mindset, support and tools for life to enable you to finally have that slim gorgeous body you deserve.

(No scales required, 6 tailored sessions are included with daily text messaging and MP3 recordings.)

For more information on Slim For Life Program, please contact Tracy Swift 07764997298.

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