Aside from their particular Hypnotherapy association, most practitioners have to take pot luck in the quality of the directories they list themselves in, and often have no idea to whom to confidently refer clients from outside their catchment area, or their area of expertise.

The Hypnotherapy Register allows Hypnotherapists who have trained and worked hard to promote Hypnotherapy as a mainstream therapy to list themselves in the confidence that they are in a directory of like minded, qualified professionals.

The Hypnotherapy Register is a fully RSS compliant directory, meaning that it is easy to syndicate portions of the directory on your website or RSS enabled web browser, allowing you to refer out of your geographical area with ease, and reciprocally link for the benefit of all members of the directory. The latest 15 entries are syndicated, and it is possible to bump your listing to the top with a small donation for maximum exposure.

Verified Practitioner

All our listed practitioners are entitled to use our Verified Practitioner logo which shows that they have been independently checked by us as being a registered member of their particular hypnotherapy association. Adding the logo to your website helps increase confidence in your potential clients, which can mean more business for you.

You can get the code for this logo once you submit your listing, and also in the ‘Look for the Logo’ section once your listing goes live.

Keeping it Clean

It is in all our interests to ensure that only current members of our recognised Hypnotherapy Associations are listed in the directory, so if you see a practitioner in the directory who is no longer a member of their Hypnotherapy Association, please let us know in confidence and they will be removed.

Getting Listed

Getting listed in the Hypnotherapy Register is a simple process. Simply complete our submit new listing form and we will consider your application. Please note that to get listed you must be a current member of one of our recognised Hypnotherapy Associations.

All listings are subject to our Terms of Use.

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