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What is RSS Syndication?

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. Put simply, it allows you to have portions of our directory delivered to your web browser, news reader or web site automatically, meaning that both you and your visitors are always up to date.

The Hypnotherapy Register was the first UK Hypnotherapy Practitioner directory to offer RSS feeds of its directory data, and joins the ranks of the BBC, Sky News, New York Times and CNN in offering this type of automated service.

How do I start using RSS feeds?

To get started using RSS, you will need an RSS enabled web browser, an RSS newsreader/aggregator, or RSS parser for your website.

RSS Enabled web browsers

There are a growing number of RSS enabled web browsers available now, including FireFox and Safari, and Opera. These allow you to search and view multiple feeds and even have automatically updating bookmarks of RSS feeds.

RSS News Readers / Aggregators

There are a number of RSS feed readers and aggregators, allowing you to view multiple feeds from a desktop application. These include FeedDemon, Newz Crawler, and Awasu for the PC, Newsfire and NetNewsWire for the Apple Mac.

There are also many online news aggregators such as Bloglines, My Yahoo!, NewsGator and Google’s Personalised Homepage. We have included easy subscription links for various online services in our syndication box, to the right.

Website Syndication

We also allow our directory feeds to be displayed on other websites, as long as the feed is properly attributed to us.

To syndicate our directory on your website with maximum flexibility over content, layout etc, or to syndicate a specific County Category, you will need to use a website parser such as MagpieRSS. There are also others available at AllRSS. Talk to your web designer or web host about the option most suited to your site.

For those with limited web knowledge, the following option is also available. To syndicate our main directory, simply copy and paste the following Javascript code into your website.


To view a sample page syndicated this way, click here.


The following feeds are available:

Once you have chosen your RSS reader, all you have to do is to decide which categories you want to syndicate. To view the RSS feed for a category, simply click the RSS icon next to the category you want to syndicate. To view the category itself, select the category description link. Wherever you see the RSS icon on our site, there is a RSS feed available. Simply copy and paste the feed url into your news reader, or rss parser. RSS enabled web browsers will either format the feed immediately, or allow you to create a live bookmark using the feed URL. See your web browser documentation for details on how you can use the feeds.


Important: Please note that use of our RSS feeds is subject to our Terms of Use.

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